Having a high-quality custom-designed website is far superior to using a do-it-yourself website builder. A custom design allows you to create a unique and memorable online presence that accurately reflects your brand identity. Being a human-centered designer, you can benefit from my expertise in user experience, resulting in a website that is intuitive to navigate and optimized for conversion. Additionally, a custom-designed website offers more flexibility and scalability, enabling businesses to adapt and evolve their online presence as their needs grow, while DIY builders often have limitations in terms of customization and functionality.


The Process



I’ll arrange a call or meeting to discuss what you want to achieve with your website, as well as creative ideas about content, tone, and style. What is your message? Who is the audience? Why are people visiting your site? How will you measure the success? I'll then prepare a quote or detailed proposal that works within your budget. You’re welcome to come to me with a detailed brief, or if you just have a vague idea at this stage, we can work it out together.



Once I understand your specific needs, I will begin work on planning your site layout. What pages are needed? What information belongs where? How will people navigate your site? I will also contact you to collect any assets needed, such as your logo, photos, lists of products, portfolio items, etc. 



Once I have a plan for your site's overall layout and navigation, I will begin putting it all together and making it look great. All of my sites are mobile optimized, so they will perform and look great on any screen size, all the way from your iPhone to that fancy 32” curved monitor you probably never use. 



Once the site is designed and optimized for mobile, I will ensure it is set up to perform well on search engines. While there is no guarantee of success with your search rankings, I will ensure the basic requirements for good performance are met, and your page is optimized for speed.



Once you have signed off on the content and design of your site, I will do my final checks to make sure everything is ship-shape, and we will be ready to publish your site so the whole world can see.

Things I get asked a lot. 

All of my sites require a monthly hosting plan. This covers the cost of securing your site online and optimized. Monthly plans range from $15/month for basic sites, $20/month for business sites, and $30/month for sites with heavy traffic, large portfolios, or e-commerce. 

I will always be here to help make changes to your site should you need them. For small minor changes like adding a staff member, or changing a paragraph of text, I don’t charge. If these changes become too frequent or involve larger changes to layout or additions of content, I charge my hourly rate of $50/hr. and bill on a monthly basis. 

I have several tools I use to build my sites, but the end product is clean HTML and CSS that are uploaded to a web server. If you want to take your site somewhere else at any time, I will provide you with the HTML and CSS files.

It depends on the complexity of the site. I have done rush one-page jobs in less than 48 hours. But most of the time, I allow 2-3 weeks for a basic site and 3-5 weeks for a site with added functionality like e-commerce or blogs.